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We are a bakery that in addition to our American-inspired muffins also manufactures biscuits of Swedish, traditional type and gingerbread. Our main market is the Nordic Supermarket chains but we also export to the rest of Europe, which is experiencing strong growth. We manufacture our products from the finest ingredients in modern premises located in Ekeby located among the rolling cornfields of Northwest Skåne 15 km east of Helsingborg.

We at Delikatessbageriet tries as much as possible to minimize our production of palm oil, as an example, our muffins baked with pure rapeseed oil. However, we bake some cookies that have margarine as necessary ingredient. Margarine fats originate from rapeseed, coconut and palm. To reduce the environmental impact of palm oil can cause, we are members of the organization RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) where we constantly buy new certificates that covers all our consumption of palm oil. RSPO works develop criteria for sustainable palm oil production, please read more about their work at



Green Palm Sustainability